Polling and focus groups

To develop research-driven strategy


Whether in politics or the corporate world, at the heart of any campaign, market positioning, or communication efforts, is the ability to understand where the target audience is and how to move them towards a shared goal. Our campaign mentality goes beyond simply measuring "top line" attitudes--the competition, favorabilities, and concerns. These are fundamental building blocks, but they fall short. Our surveys are "projective,” going above and beyond to describe the past and present, and testing different strategic approaches the client can adopt, and the impact of those different approaches could have in the future. We use the research process to test which of the potential strategic alternatives offer the best chance of success, and also to inform us how we can define our story around that winning opinion.



To communicate with clarity and discipline

Research is useless if it does not lead to specific recommendations. We do not just offer the data tables or a set of graphs showing the results of the surveys question-by-question. Our research tells a story, identifies target audiences, and offers clear strategic direction to achieve the client’s goals. We take our clients through the "what," "why," and "how" process for their central message and help build the discipline and focus in the campaign to connect with, and move, their livestock. We help the client to construct their narrative and the communication framework in a "Message Box" to guide communications for the entire organization around the issue, campaign, product, or brand.



To adopt cutting edge online tactics and strategies


Part of being ahead of the curve is embracing online channels to reach and engage people. We can provide you with expert guidance in digital strategy including social media engagement, online advertising, and database management. We also use proprietary algorithms to segment our target audiences to determine the correct tailored messages to be delivered across the correct channel.



To create an effective campaign structure


Our research is often an entry point into broader client relationships around campaign organization, e.g., War Room set-up, campaign calendars, and message events. We can help you put together a structure that brings together the key decision-makers so you can adapt to changing dynamics and new information, make decisions quickly, and drive message discipline across the entire organization.



To implement strategy creatively and effectively

Research is only valuable if there is execution and the best strategy is effective if it is executed creatively and designed for maximum impact. We provide parties with the best practices and tactics for how to create message-driven events, organize supporters, and develop a robust field operation.