We know how to research complex issues and design challenging, multi-geography studies. Our principals have personally attended hundreds of focus groups and surveyed scores of thousands across the world and across different sectors in over 60 countries on six continents. We have a long track record of implementing strategic qualitative and quantitative research anywhere in the world, with virtually any audience, and using that to develop strategies to help our clients succeed.


Put simply, we can conduct accurate, best-in-class qualitative and quantitative research around the world. Whether it is holding focus groups in rural Kenya, surveying the Philippines archipelago, or reaching high-potential startup founders in Tel Aviv, we work with a vast network of international research vendors to pull off the most challenging projects.

Innovative Methodology

We embrace innovative methodologies that complement and modernize traditional research practices and deliver better quality data to our clients. We apply and adapt these research tools to best serve the diverse challenges of each client. 


Multi-modal surveys

Since 2013 we have conducted multi-modal surveys for political and issue advocacy clients. This blends landline and cell phone interviews with online interviews. To ensure our sample closely approximates a probability sample and is representative, we use our panel provider’s Voter File-matched sample to apply a proprietary Coarsened Exact Match propensity scoring algorithm and precise quota-based sampling.

Better qualitative research recruiting

After years of increasing dissatisfaction with the quality of focus group recruits, in 2017 we identified and trained a team of recruiters at a staffing agency to provide high-level recruits for hard-to-reach audiences. Client satisfaction with our recruits is at an all-time high.

Live Journaling

We use a mobile app-based live journaling platform to gain access into average peoples’ behaviors in real-time and in their natural context—making it as close as possible to having a continuous conversation with them in their daily lives. 

Mobile-app based surveys

With survey response rates plummeting, we aim to reach respondents in a way that is convenient and more natural to their daily lives. We partner with a mobile-app platform to deliver short surveys to respondents, accessing the largest global mobile ad exchanges to recruit and qualify respondents.