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ClearPath About Us

About Us

ClearPath’s mission is to promote game-changing leaders and progressive forces around the world who tirelessly strive to make life better for more people.

ClearPath Services

Our Services

Whether running for election, advocating a cause, or seeking deeper consumer insights, we provide you with actionable research and strategy to identify your audience, connect you to them, and move them.

ClearPath Innovative Methodology

Innovative Methodology

We apply rigorous methodological standards to all of our work around the world. That often means incorporating new technologies, such as our mixed mode survey design in the US, which uses landline phone, mobile phone, and online samples to reach people where they are.

About Us

David Bluestone

David Bluestone

Founder and Partner

Bluestone has over 10 years of experience providing strategic consulting and public opinion research to politicians, businesses, and organizations. His work spans five continents and over two dozen countries. With a deep understanding of research, public policy, and campaigns domestically and internationally, as well as his multiple years working abroad, Bluestone provides a unique service to tackle any challenge his clients face. Bluestone has led research and strategy for several prominent international politicians, and has been responsible for the design, methodology, and analysis of hundreds of surveys and has personally overseen focus groups across the world. He has carried out projects in diverse and challenging environments, like focus groups with internally displaced persons in post-earthquake Haiti, representative sampling in th 7,000+ islands of the Philippines, sensitive research across tribes in East Africa, and multi-geography quantitative studies with IT decision-makers for a leading tech company. He is also pioneering a new multi-modal survey methodology in the United States to adapt to the increasing shift to mobile and online and produce more accurate, and cheaper, data.

Before ClearPath, Bluestone was senior staff at the world-leading research firm, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. There, Bluestone worked as the lead in-country consultant and researcher for the Venezuelan Opposition’s Presidential campaign against Hugo Chavez. Previous to GQR, Bluestone worked as a consultant for the Mayor of Medellin, Colombia, to develop a new public security policy to confront the city’s increasing crime and violence. In 2007, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, on identity politics and the indigenous political movement.

Bluestone holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. His thesis used original survey and focus group research to provide recommendations to the Mayor of Sucre, Venezuela, on policing reforms. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of California—Berkeley. Bluestone is fluent in Spanish and is a professionally trained focus group moderator.

John Garrett


Founder and Partner

Garrett has a proven track record of success advising political, corporate, and organizational leaders around the world—from winning elections, to branding and positioning, to executing challenging research. His body of work spans six continents and over two dozen countries.

Prior to joining ClearPath, Garrett was senior staff at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner. His tenure included some of the firm’s highest profile international political races, including historic victories across the globe—from Australia and the Philippines to Austria and Romania—and across a range of levels of office—from Prime Minister to Senator to Mayor. During his time at GQR, Garrett helped clients enjoy a 15-1 win record.

Garrett also brings rich experience helping corporate leaders use research to create meaningful insights and impactful executions. He specializes in helping companies of all sizes sharpen reputations, create or refresh brands, and improve messaging to target audiences. He has worked on multiple continents with corporate clients of varying industries—from gigantic tech firms to boutique financial services companies to national consumer product brands. Garrett believes in strategy driven by research and has years of experience designing, executing, and analyzing surveys to translate research into actionable advice for his clients. In particular, he specializes in complicated research environments—from rural Kenya or diverse archipelagos like the Philippines, to C-Suite executive interviews at Fortune 500 companies, to multiple-geography quantitative and qualitative studies. Garrett has written, managed, and analyzed hundreds of surveys on a variety of subjects and has personally overseen hundreds of focus groups in more than 20 countries.

Prior to joining Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, Garrett worked in research and policy analysis at Mitsubishi International Corporation. He received BAs in International Studies and in German from Austin College.


Kate McCarthy


McCarthy brings six years of experience conducting research and consulting political, corporate, and institutional clients across five continents to the ClearPath team. Drawing upon a wide range of experiences, from analyzing public opinion research in over a dozen countries to designing an agricultural research program in Western Africa to training field operatives to conduct research in some of the hardest to reach corners of the world, McCarthy offers a contextually relevant, nuanced approach to hear clients’ challenges. She specializes in employing campaign strategy best practices to craft informed, effective digital strategy.

Prior to ClearPath, McCarthy was Development Manager at Camfed, an international girls’ education nonprofit recognized by the OECD as a model of best practice in scaling development innovation. Managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of Camfed’s bilateral partners, including USAID, McCarthy designed monitoring and evaluation tools to improve data quality and collection.

Before Camfed, McCarthy was Senior Digital Strategist at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. During her tenure, she designed digital strategy for and provided strategic consulting services to fifteen international political and corporate clients, managed the localization and delivery of a proprietary application that harvested data for advanced targeting, led on-the-ground training programs to equip clients’ teams with the requisite skills to execute daily digital operations, and organized local campaign events.

McCarthy holds a B.A. in International Relations from Lehigh University. She is the recipient of the Catherine Davis Projects for Peace Award, Dale Strohl Award for Independent Research, and a two-time winner of the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship Venture Competition.

Our Services

  • POLLING AND FOCUS GROUPS to develop research-driven strategy. When it comes to developing a winning strategy, there is no substitute for the critical insights afforded by good public opinion research. We have a long track record of implementing strategic qualitative and quantitative research anywhere in the world, with virtually any audience, and using that to develop strategies to help our clients succeed.

  • MESSAGING to communicate with clarity and discipline. Sound strategy requires disciplined communications. We take our clients through the process of developing the “what,” “why,” and “how” for their central message and help them build discipline and focus into their organization to connect with, and move, their target audience.

  • DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA to adopt cutting edge online tactics and strategies. Part of being ahead of the curve is embracing online channels to reach and engage people. We can provide you with expert guidance in digital strategy including social media engagement, online advertising, and database management.

  • CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION to create an effective campaign structure. Effective campaigns believe in a simple mantra: Speed kills. We can help you put together a structure that brings together the key decision-makers so you can adapt to changing dynamics and new information, make decisions quickly, and drive message discipline across the entire organization.

  • CAMPAIGN EXECUTION to implement strategy creatively and effectively. The best strategy is effective if it is executed creatively and impactfully. We provide parties with the best practices and tactics for how to create message-driven events, organize supporters, and develop a robust field operation.

Innovative Methodology

  1. The public opinion research industry is in the process of a tectonic shift. Phone—the standard and most accepted mode for conducting research for decades—does not reach everyone anymore. There has been a sharp drop in phone response rates over the last 15 years from 36% in 1997 to only 9% in 2012. Moreover, studies show significant attitudinal differences between respondents and non-respondents to phone surveys. These problems are only exacerbated as more Americans switch to cell phone only use and Americans spend more time online—making these populations harder and more expensive to reach.

  2. No one mode–online, landline, cell phone–is sufficient. We employ a mixed mode survey design including landline phone, mobile phone, and opt-in internet panel samples. This design allows us to speak with people that are less likely to be online (namely, seniors) and less likely to use landline phones (namely, younger respondents), therefore getting around the issue of low landline response rates among youth and other subgroups.

  3. Using voter file propensity score matching, quota-based sampling, and post-stratification weighting, we can produce representative samples to reach a broader audience than phone—or online—alone. Propensity score matching among opt-in internet panels has been shown to approximate random digit dialing samples in terms of demographics and polling accuracy. Ultimately this new methodology allows us to reach people where they are at. It creates better samples, a clearer sense of the electorate, and more accurate data.

  4. We subjected our survey sampling methodology to a third-party expert to validate our approach.
  5. “ClearPath’s methodology employing propensity-score matching online interviewing in conjunction with traditional landline and cell phone interviewing, is – collectively – both a representative and relatively affordable solution on a mass scale.”-Whitepaper by Loren Collingwood, PhD